Welcome to the Tuscarora Amateur Radio

Association's Website!

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The Tuscarora Amateur Radio Association has an evening Net every Sunday at 8:00 PM. Feel free to check in on the club's
machine, Repeater KI3D, on 147.045. The input is +600kHz and  the PL tone is 146.2 Hertz. Above find a copy of the
Sunday evening preamble, feel free to download a copy!

On the About Us page find the Charter of Affiliation for the TARA club!

For Up-coming events please check the calendar, and if you are watching certain events remember to check in often
as events may change. Also I am trying to set up a feed so that you won't have to hop on everyday just to check the
calendar so that as long as you are online and using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox you can just update the feed in your sidebar.

In the Members page information on how to become a member and the President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Repeater Trustee information.

Related links will give you links to other clubs' websites and other Amateur Radio sites such as the ARRL's website.

On the Past Events page there will be recent pictures (from the past 2 years) and as the page fills up I will move the pictures
to online galleries and link to them through the Past Events page.

In the Contact Us page there will be contact information for the club's CVE and all others that wish their information